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Diablo III

Diablo III

Fast Farming Wizard Build for RoS (Elementalist) (Source)

avatar  HolyHermit
#1 26/02/2014 13:49 GMT Post 1 (Source)
Dear all,

This is my first post in Wizard forum so first of all I would like to say hello to my fellow nephalem. This build so appropriately named elementalist allows wizard to take advantage of the new passive by dealing damage from all four sources. You become very tanky thanks to the skill synchronization and can withstand foes on the toughest of difficulties.

The best part about the build is that you can use it the moment you start farming in RoS as it requires no special legendaries and is easy to follow and execute.


I would humbly recommend everyone to watch the video first as it explains everything I wish to convey in more detail, however, if you prefer to read on how the build works, here is a short-ish summary I prepared:

DAMAGE Sources: The build deals damage from all 4 sources.

Arcane Bolts: Arcane damage
Frost hydra + Ice armor: Ice damage
Black hole Blazar: Fire damage
Meteor: Lightning damage

The issue about Prism.

I have seen most people have been complaining about this skill's duration being too low but if you run max arcane power resource on your paragon levels and have a decent amount of attack speed (mine being 1.76) you can still get a lot out from this skill. The armor is really useful but the 9 arcane power cost reduction is helpful when you cast not only meteors but black hole and hydra as well. A mere 4 apoc on my wizard and having prism makes a big difference especially when you can get one full attack from arcane bolts as well. But as I mention in the video, you are most welcome to use worm hole if you don't like the skill.

Since I only deal cold damage from frost hydra which has small aoe (Ice armor will only proc on a single target that attacks me) I feel you can use blur to reduce the damage taken, especially if you wish to play on higher torment.


This is another one people have been talking about a lot and blizz themselves acknowledged this issue but I strongly believe dominance is a great passive but for low torments, which is exactly what I say in the video (I had gear that could take me to torment 3 so I made a build that works till t3). With dps of over 600k, which is easy to obtain on RoS, this build can crush elites in a few seconds as shown in my video so even if dominance cannot proc, you still have crystallise and blur protecting you at all times. But dominance is still useful when you wish to gain your life back as once you kill trash mobs, you get shielded which can help you to gain life using your attributes or health globes.

Utilising elementalist: When black hole is on cooldown, enemies will still be marked with 3 sources of elemental damage as my shock pulse (with arcane bolts, not explosive bolts :) )hydra and meteor will still proc 3 damage stacks. So yes, I invest my paragon points in reducing the cooldown of all skills as much as possible. This involves me sticking with cooldown reduction on weapon as well to maximise this effect but here is the big problem.

Generating arcane power: With nerfs to apoc, generating apoc is the biggest issue with high arcane spender builds such as these. So therefore I decided to choose arcane bolts as each of the three bolts that strikes an enemy will generate 5 arcane power, which in my humble understanding is one of the best arcane generating spell in the game. I did try electrocute and ignite with the build as well but the main issue always was generating enough arcane power which is what arcane bolts takes care of. The other bonus of this skill ofcourse is the aoe coverage that marks more than one enemy with arcane damage dot. But please allow me expand to the other aspects of the build.

Crowd control: Thanks to frost hydra (an alternative i tried was arcane hydra missile ignite), I can slow enemies in a medium sized area. Given the fact that I use unwavering will and stand very close to enemies, my ice armor also helps to cc enemies and ofcourse, thanks to the tremendous amounts of arcane power regen from arcane bolts, I can use the almighty meteor to further root enemies making every enemy either rooted, slowed or frozen around the wizard.

Diamond skin: This skill is chosen simply to help a new player be a bit more survivable and also learn how to cast spells with low penalty. It is true indeed that your shell can be broken but the enemies are slowed or rooted around the wizard so very rarely will the shell explode. Nonetheless, I can truly understand if you wish to not use this skill, cannonner would be a good choice and so would be arcanot for some resource regen but since we are using arcane bolts, I decided to go against it. In the end if all goes south, one can always run away using worm hole or use the almighty mocking demise for some more cc.

Armor Choice: I have been using ice armor since I made by fire and ice wizard a while ago and just like your kind self, it is also my favoured armor. The reason for not using energy armor is the removal of 20 arcane power from your wizard's pool. The reason why you me nuking elites on torment 2 with my sub-standard gear is because I can summon upto 6 meteors with a full arcane pool. This will never be possible if I use energy armor (unless I use the increase to arcane power rune) with the build. The goal is to have a high arcane pool so that when black hole is ready to be casted, you can follow it with a volley of lightning meteors

Finally: A place for this build

This build is meant to be for people who wish to farm fast when they start playing the game. So this build offers a nice way to nuke mobs on low torments by dealing high damage and surviving on the toughest of situations thanks to the combination of defensive skills.

This build also lets you play with the new skills added in the game so a player feels he/she is trying something fresh and at the same time being efficient.

I hope I was able to convey my humble ideas but please do ask me again if I didn't make any sense.

Any feedback from your kind self will be greatly appreciated. In the end I hope you enjoy this video of mine.

Warm regards,

Holy Hermit
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avatar Vaneras
#2 13/03/2014 09:07 GMT Post 7 (Source)
12/03/2014 15:25Posted by Spiralyah
I really liked your video, explains a lot and easy to follow.

Yup, Holy Hermits videos are really helpful indeed. Stickyfied the thread for this reason :-)