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Diablo III

Diablo III

Auto-skip cutscences & cinematics (Source)

avatar  Juttergie
#1 6/3/2012 10:41 PM PDT Post 1 (Source)
I am really begging for a way ( don't care how ) to auto skip the in-game cut scenes. You know where belial has a million things to say and the camera has to detach from the player to move over top of Belial, and I have to press space bar and click O.K. instead of plowing my hammer into his face, then the screen goes black for a second or two then, still over top of Belial, it fades-in and then the camera slides back over top of your character, waits a couple seconds, and then it ends the in-game cutscene. And then! you are finally able to take your first swing.
Yeah that.

Or the fight with Diablo where he talks forever and you've heard it a million times, all you wanna do is get on with killing him, but there's a cut-scene for when you meet him, and a cut-scene when you go into shadow land, and a cut-scene when you come back out of shadow land, and another cut-scene when you kill him????
Yeah that. Stop it.
Please. I really. really. really. would like a way. to ignore all of those cut-scenes. T___T
Oh loardy please. Please please please.

Every time I have to cancel through the countless camera switches and hammer on the esc/space button until I can finally start attacking, I wish 100 times more that I would no longer have to do that. And I keep imagining myself in a place where it's time to kill Belial, and the minute we enter that door we are ready, and guards are turning into serpents instantly and holy crap it feels so good and smooth!! I love it!!

Please and thank you. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edited by Inferno#1702 on 6/3/2012 10:44 PM PDT
avatar Vaeflare
Community Manager
#2 9/26/2013 1:29 PM PDT Post 26 (Source)
We’re definitely aware that some players crave to stay in the fray as much as possible, and that for them, cut-scenes and cinematics can sometimes take away from the flow of battle. To that end, we’re currently exploring some possibilities that we hope might better satisfy both the players that want to experience the full story of Diablo III as well as those players that would prefer to have as few interruptions in their demon slaying as possible.